Let’s take a moment for the most important part of any day, food.

Here’s a running list of our holy grail food spots we feel should be on your radar while in Oakland:

This place might as well make UpperCloud their official ambassadors based on the countless amount of lunches and dinners spent here. This is hands. down. an UpperCloud staple. Our co-managing partner, boss-mama, Glenda Macatangay, personally gives this place a heavy thumbs up. Healthy foods, generous quantities, fair prices. Definitely a no brainer.

The UC order: A good half order of the G&G salad and chicken salad sandwich. The half order portions can still be pretty big, which means 2nd lunch, which also means this receives the UpperCloudian stamp of approval.

At UpperCloud, our universal language is food. We’re always on the lookout for new good eats, good drinks, and good company. Have a favorite spot you feel we should know about? Let’s connect together over a dish (or two).


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