Let’s take a moment for the most important part of any day, food.

Here’s a running list of our holy grail food spots we feel should be on your radar while in Oakland:

Banh Mi Ba Le… because who doesn’t love a good banh mi? This place is a personal favorite of our co-managing partner and renaissance man, Johnny Neang. The man knows exactly where his loyalty lies with this food option. Classic, classic.

The UC order: Johnny’s order is Dặc Biệt (#2) — The classic house special order for a very special individual.

Visit Banh Mi Ba Le at www.banh-mi-ba-le.cafe-inspector.com.

At UpperCloud, our universal language is food. We’re always on the lookout for new good eats, good drinks, and good company. Have a favorite spot you feel we should know about? Let’s connect together over a dish (or two).


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