They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, which essentially means: those too stuck in their old ways will remain the same. Inside our agency dynamic, we can hardly relate. At UpperCloud, we’re hungry for change. Always pushing the envelope on exploration, efficiency, creativity — the list goes on. It is undeniably one of the most captivating characteristics about us. It’s an energy that manifests itself into learning everything we can possibly get our hands on. We hope this article can give you insight into one of the many skills we’ve collectively acquired over the years: Experiential Design!

High pressure, high stakes, double high rewards on jobs well done. Here are a few advice pieces from lessons learned:

  • Ask for help and you shall receive.
    • Funny how we place barriers and think of ourselves, our work, as burdens on others when this is never really the case at all. Managing partner, Glenda Macatangay, states, “One’s pain and pressure is another’s purpose and joy”. Have 300 giveaway bags to stuff with goodies for your event? Call your friends, family, post on social media, and know that someone is out there looking to help out for your cause. You may even light a fire inside another for experience creation with your volunteer tasks. It never hurts to ask.
  • Plan for the unexpected and then some.
    • Experiential design is not for the weak at heart. It’s for the quick problem solvers, deep breathers, type A with type B functionality, and Angelite crystal wearers. Our advice: create a master planning document and add every single bit of information you can think of, buy an extra set of every material required, simplify your set-up as best as possible, be diligent, and pack snacks. Even the best laid plans can take unexpected turns. Likewise minimal planning sometimes leads to the most beautiful results. In short, do the best job you can in the planning stages and let the Universe take the wheel after that. You’ll be just fine.
  • Pack snacks and water.
    • “Yeah right, like I’d neglect grabbing a bite from the awesome food vendors at the event my team and I organized?” Yessir. Events have a way of teleporting you from your 8am start straight through to your event wrap at 8pm in the blink of an eye. With the adrenaline pumping through you, chances are you won’t remember the essentials. Be sure to pack your team some healthy protein packed foods and lots of water. Time flies when you’re having fun, am I right?
  • Details on details (on details).
    • It’s easy to silo your thoughts towards the bigger picture when it comes to experiential design, yet to be able to master the feel of your event, it’s all in the details. That special element of surprise and uniqueness shows your audience you care that they have a memorable experience. With trends increasingly showing a lean towards personalized experiences that connect to the individual in meaningful ways, having an eye for detail will result in a memorable event that has the power to elevate your brand and business long after its finished.
  • Enjoy the moment.
    • One of the best things about experiential design is the time you’ve created for you and your team to bond with the community. These are the invaluable moments you have to gain insights on your event to determine the trajectory of your next. We can guarantee you, they have no idea about the mini fires you had to extinguish along the way. Give yourself and your team a pat on the back for making it through the ringer and reap the benefits you’ve sown.

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