In these past months, our client and friends, Magpie Alchemy, grew by leaps and bounds in both business and spirit. Most recently and notably, they gained the opportunity to lease their first ever store front inside the WAL Public Marketplace! Supporting the passion and lives behind the business is something we take great pride in. We believe growth in all ways must be accounted for to create the best results.

Congratulations to Magpie Alchemy! Shop their beautiful, handcrafted products every Monday through Saturday from 11am – 7pm and Sundays from 11am – 6pm in the WAL Public Marketplace.

About Magpie Alchemy:

Magpie Alchemy is a Labor of Love. They have a passion for science, art and creating. What better way to express this, than soap making. Their goal is to take charge of their health and the chemicals they expose themselves and their family by creating small batch, handcrafted soaps.

Their logo represents US. The triangle in Sacred Geometry represents, Earth, Sky and Human but also, Mother, Father and Child.  The blue feather represents transcendence and spiritual evolution and there is nothing better to represent that than their beloved daughter, Maggie or as they lovingly call her, Magpie. They hope you all enjoy our products and can feel all the love they put into them.

Science + Alchemy + Creating is what they LOVE.


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