Experiential Design

By | CommonGood

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, which essentially means: those too stuck in their old ways will remain the same. Inside our agency dynamic, we can hardly relate. At UpperCloud, we’re hungry for change. Always pushing the envelope on exploration, efficiency, creativity — the list goes on. It is undeniably one of the most captivating characteristics about us. It’s an energy that manifests itself into learning everything we can possibly get our hands on. We hope this article can give you insight into one of the many skills we’ve collectively acquired over the years: Experiential Design!

High pressure, high stakes, double high rewards on jobs well done. Here are a few advice pieces from lessons learned:

  • Ask for help and you shall receive.
    • Funny how we place barriers and think of ourselves, our work, as burdens on others when this is never really the case at all. Managing partner, Glenda Macatangay, states, “One’s pain and pressure is another’s purpose and joy”. Have 300 giveaway bags to stuff with goodies for your event? Call your friends, family, post on social media, and know that someone is out there looking to help out for your cause. You may even light a fire inside another for experience creation with your volunteer tasks. It never hurts to ask.
  • Plan for the unexpected and then some.
    • Experiential design is not for the weak at heart. It’s for the quick problem solvers, deep breathers, type A with type B functionality, and Angelite crystal wearers. Our advice: create a master planning document and add every single bit of information you can think of, buy an extra set of every material required, simplify your set-up as best as possible, be diligent, and pack snacks. Even the best laid plans can take unexpected turns. Likewise minimal planning sometimes leads to the most beautiful results. In short, do the best job you can in the planning stages and let the Universe take the wheel after that. You’ll be just fine.
  • Pack snacks and water.
    • “Yeah right, like I’d neglect grabbing a bite from the awesome food vendors at the event my team and I organized?” Yessir. Events have a way of teleporting you from your 8am start straight through to your event wrap at 8pm in the blink of an eye. With the adrenaline pumping through you, chances are you won’t remember the essentials. Be sure to pack your team some healthy protein packed foods and lots of water. Time flies when you’re having fun, am I right?
  • Details on details (on details).
    • It’s easy to silo your thoughts towards the bigger picture when it comes to experiential design, yet to be able to master the feel of your event, it’s all in the details. That special element of surprise and uniqueness shows your audience you care that they have a memorable experience. With trends increasingly showing a lean towards personalized experiences that connect to the individual in meaningful ways, having an eye for detail will result in a memorable event that has the power to elevate your brand and business long after its finished.
  • Enjoy the moment.
    • One of the best things about experiential design is the time you’ve created for you and your team to bond with the community. These are the invaluable moments you have to gain insights on your event to determine the trajectory of your next. We can guarantee you, they have no idea about the mini fires you had to extinguish along the way. Give yourself and your team a pat on the back for making it through the ringer and reap the benefits you’ve sown.

Interested in learning more from our past events? See all our previous works and events over at our Work page.

UnchARTed presents: Living Room Vibes

By | Arden Fair, UC Clients

Living Room Vibes presented by Arden Fair’s UnchARTed public arts program, with host Basi Vibe. A music series to both elevate local talent and to captivate and draw an audience to the center month after month.

Picture this: You walk into the former Gymboree at approximately 5:30pm. Your eyes, immediately drawn to a familiar setting, but you’re taken aback to see this setting inside public space. A rug, a lamp, a small coffee table, a few house plants… inside Arden Fair? Fast forward 30 minutes and all suddenly makes sense when a musician enters the living room scene and begins to perform.

Living Room Vibes hosted by Basi Vibe will run every First Friday of the month from August to December. (*ehem* which means the first show is Friday 8/2!!)


August 2 – Timothy Brown

Sept 6 – Harlequin Rose

Oct 4 – A Tribe Quartet 

Nov 1 – Ode To Saturday

December 6 – The Philharmonik

Juxtaposition is the name of the game. We aim to juxtapose your idea of space and art within Arden Fair. We dream big with the intention of creating something unique for our community.

Have an idea you’d like to bring to life within the center? Click on the link here and learn how you can participate/support.

WAL’s newest tenants, Magpie Alchemy!

By | Magpie Alchemy, UC Clients

With months and months of learning, growing, and planning, our beloved client and most favorite handcraft skin care makers are ready to shine bright as they become the newest pop-up tenants at the WAL Public Marketplace! We were blessed with the opportunity to support them in their journey of refreshing both their web, product design, and in their brand launch event.

About Magpie Alchemy:

Magpie Alchemy is a Labor of Love. They have a passion for science, art and creating. What better way to express this, than soap making. Their goal is to take charge of their health and the chemicals they expose themselves and their family by creating small batch, handcrafted soaps.

Their logo represents US. The triangle in Sacred Geometry represents, Earth, Sky and Human but also, Mother, Father and Child.  The blue feather represents transcendence and spiritual evolution and there is nothing better to represent that than their beloved daughter, Maggie or as they lovingly call her, Magpie. They hope you all enjoy our products and can feel all the love they put into them.

Science + Alchemy + Creating is what they LOVE.

Show your love and support every Friday to Saturday from 11am – 7pm and on Sundays from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm at 1104 R Street in beautiful Sacramento, CA.

UnchARTed presents: Constellation (recap)

By | Arden Fair, UC Clients

In partnership with UpperCloud, Arden Fair’s public arts program, UnchARTed, unites art and the Sacramento community together. The program is dedicated to creating artful, experiential, and immersive activations on and around the Center’s premise that will unite, inspire, and create hope.

UnchARTed brought together the Sacramento Youth Symphony and Oakland-based, LED sculpture artist Christopher Schardt of LED Labs to create a mesmerizing and immersive art experience at Arden Fair for the community and beyond. On May 31st, 2019 at 6:30 pm, Sacramento Youth Symphony performed live by Schardt’s world-renowned piece, Constellation, a 6-pointed LED canopy installed between the first and second floor near JCPenney. Visitors had the chance to slow down, sit back, and enjoy the moment underneath the lights in sync with symphonic melodies. This unique partnership between Sacramento and Oakland artists aims to strengthen a sense of connectedness to the community of all ages. Experience Constellation from May 31st to June 14th — now extended to June 20th!

A big thanks to our collaborators as well! Through their work, the Sacramento community explored both their creativity and strengthened their yoga flow all under the stars:

  • Photography Meetup by Good Inc. on Tuesday, June 11th
    • Good Inc., launched in 2014, joins together the photography, modeling, and overall creative community in Sacramento and beyond to create and build together via monthly meet-ups. Learn more about them at and follow Good Inc. on Instagram at @GoodInc.
  • Yoga flow by Afro Yoga on Friday, June 14th
    • Afro Yoga, launched in 2016, is a wellness movement for Women of Color, rooted in community and collaboration. The organization focuses on creating spaces that make wellness accessible and activating mindfulness as a collective experience. Learn more about them at and follow Afro Yoga on Instagram at @AfroYogaByAngie.

Cómo se dice, “Free Time”? (no. 1)

By | CommonGood

That magical, mystical two words that typically equates to, well, nap time. We are a creative agency, small business, parents, and dog parents — we know this life too well. So what do us UpperCloudians enjoy in our “Free Time”? Let this series serve as a guide to everything we love to do, past/present/future, in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and beyond.

Gather, produced by Unseen Heroes, is one of those events that will give you all those warm, fuzzy hometown feels. Food trucks, craft beer, live music, a grass area frequented by running, laughing kids, and a gorgeous sunset view down Oak Park Boulevard. Every second Thursday in Sacramento summer nights are made better with groups like this around.

Follow the happenings from May to October on Instagram @GatherNights.