With the school’s opening in Fall 2015, Roses in Concrete (RiC) needed presence and an identity in order to spread their movement in rethinking education – both in the digital space and in print. Having worked with organizations in education the past, we were excited to build with RiC after learning about their mission and purpose. What began as simple branding and basic marketing soon turned into a relationship of trust and value. RiC continues to reach out to us for all marketing aspects, especially in the video realm. For the first installment of the “Day with a Rose” video, we spent an entire day with Elijah and learned what makes RiC different than other schools.


Building a community school from the ground up could be seen as a difficult feat. Since RiC is a new school, the need for funding is important in order to support their breakfast and lunch programs, art and music classes, and after school programs to name a few.

RiC needed a creative approach to raise awareness and therefore, increase donations.


We spoke to the founders and the community stakeholders to understand their vision for the future of RiC and what would be needed to reach their vision.

Through brainstorming, we wanted to find a way that would showcase RiC’s unique academic curriculum, the care students are given by teachers and faculty, and the love and support within RiC – whether between faculty members or students. Through the creative process of filming the video, we gained a greater understanding of its vision over several weeks in production and evenings combing through clips and audio in detail. The final video would soon serve as the centerpiece of our thinking for branding and how we designed their website.

In order for outsiders to truly understand the community of RiC, we needed to show them what a day at RiC entails in the perspective of students. As such, the “Day with a Rose” video series was created. In the first video of the series, you’ll meet Elijah, an enthusiastic 5th Grader, and hear what he has to say about RiC.


Upon completion of the video, we placed it in the hero section of the front page of the school’s website paired with an integrated donation solution from Give. The school saw a significant increase of donations and reduced bounce rates from the site overall.

UpperCloud Media has been a pleasure to work with. We needed help in redesigning our website so Glenda, Virley and Johnny moved quickly to shoot our video and made our new website very professional and impactful. The final product result drew many accolades from our intended audience. We are so happy to be working with them.

Michael HsiehPresident, Fung Capital

Visit their website and make a contribution to further their mission on revolutionizing education.