As the landscape of retail centers begin to transform with online commerce serving as a catalyst, there is an increasing need to drive and build value in physical spaces with the brick and mortar realm. Arden Fair’s goal was to reshape community’s perception of it as a shopping center. They wanted to become a space that is dynamic and ready to be rediscovered by uniting art and the Sacramento community together.


The biggest challenge for any creative agency is to shift the old paradigm and to get clients and public to think “out of the box”.  In this particular case, we were able to change people’s perception of shopping centres, opened new opportunities for the artists to showcase their work in unusual space; retailers saw how art events bring more traffic to them and Arden Fair in general was able to discover new unexpected experiences that people want to be engaged in.  


With much of the open area at Arden Fair, we were able to create artful experiences in various mediums that consider infrastructure, traffic, season, and tenants to build a harmonizing experience for all stakeholders.  We developed a spectrum of interactive categories: murals, installations, performances, interactive youth focused activities. All art activations were required to be originated in Sacramento or in collaboration with local artists.  

To draw people to the experiences, we utilized various sources, such as reaching out to media outlets, promoting through artist networks, having social media influencers promote events, engaging in giveaways to incentivize participation, and utilizing social media channels to advertise through digital assets and paid advertising.


The greatest outcome of this programme is that Arden Fair is now recognised by the Sacramento community as an art space with excellent events and activities for all ages, and Arden Fair is willing to keep “unchARTed” campaign going.

Throughout the year, we engaged patrons in various activations spanning the categories defined with metrics of foot traffic, social engagement analytics, reviews, and inquiries on the campaign by the general public. Comparing other similar properties owned by the parent company, we were able to measure average aggregate data in quantifying the campaign’s success.


FUTURSCAPE 2045 by Hella Good Company

FUTURSCAPE 2045 was a look into Sacramento’s future. As a city going through dramatic transformation and identity formation, Sacramento’s reputation as the most diverse city in the country places it in a unique position to evolve existing cultural mediums into something new. Taking place in the former Urban Outfitters location at Market Square, the space was turned into a small piece of Sacramento, showcasing the collaborative essence by bringing together musicians, artists, creators, and entrepreneurs alike. Guests were free to engage with the different activities, which included retro arcade games, popup shops, live performances and DJs, interactive elements such as curated photo booths, and projection mapping.

Hella Good Company is a multidisciplinary arts collective from Sacramento. Their team consists of creatives in the fields of music, entertainment, and design. They have curated various events in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events.

Instagram: @hellagoodcompany
Facebook: @hellagoodcompany

PSAs by Sacramento Area Youth Speaks

Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS) spoken word performance at Arden Fair unveiled and elevated the voices of the Sacramento youth. The SAYS Slam 2018 team who participated gave PSA’s: Poetic Service Announcements that related to various topics young people face and overcome in the region. The performance began on the second floor with team members stationed at various locations, each having the opportunity to speak to their piece before unifying and making their way down to Center Court to perform one collective piece.


Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS) is a social justice movement that transforms education. Founded in 2008 at UC Davis by Dr. Vajra Watson, SAYS breaks the barriers of underachievement by elevating the voices of students as the authors of their own lives and agents of change.

Instagram: @says4life

Performance by Sacramento Youth Symphony

The Sacramento Youth Symphony (SYS) graced Center Court with a 45-minute set performed by their talented team. Utilizing the LED tower, various videos of dancers were played to accompany the performance.
Founded in 1956 as a 55- member youth orchestra, the Sacramento Youth Symphony now has a membership of more than 400 talented young musicians from all over the Sacramento Valley region. SYS’s goal is to educate and advance the musical skills of youth, throughout the entire Sacramento Valley community, in ways that engage, challenge, and inspire them to reach their highest potential.


Unity + Flora Mural by Tyson Anthony Roberts + Jeremy Stanger

The floral mural has the duality of being both beautiful and interactive. Flora + Unity acts as a backdrop for photo opportunities with its colorful flowers and uplifting typography. Taking into account Arden Fair’s grand architecture with its glass skylights and crisp walls, Flora + Unity brings color into the Center without overpowering its modern aesthetic.


Tyson is an artist and muralist based in Sacramento, CA. He has been painting for over a decade and finds fulfillment in enriching the lives of others with his artwork. His current studio works and murals are overflowing with vivid floral arrangements, botanical scenes and unique plants. The works are composed by layering color, line and bold saturated marks that coalesce into a crescendo of harmonies dedicated to the healing power of plants.

Instagram: @tysanthrobe


Lifelong painter Jeremy Stanger lives and works as a professional artist in Sacramento California. With a tradesmen’s approach, Stanger considers making art a craft, which he executes using self-taught techniques he has been compiling for over 2 decades. From his foundation as a graffiti artist to working as a full-time decorative artist in NYC for eight years, Stanger is experienced in creative energy and endurance. By focusing on geometric designs, letters, and the flow of natural materials, he creates meticulously planned custom wall-finishes, pieces, and murals.

Jeremy’s work is prevalent throughout the Sacramento region – he has been commissioned for numerous projects, including a mural for the Sacramento Mural Festival, and work for the Honey Agency, the California Democratic Party Headquarters, the Freeport Water Tower, and the Sacramento Kings.

Instagram: @stangerprojects

Global Local by Sol Collective

Taking place on top of the Nordstrom parking garage, Global Local curated by Sol Collective, highlighted the diversity of Sacramento while linking the “Global Local” community through culturally based hands-on arts activities, pop-up art exhibition and live performances.

Established in 2005, Sol Collective is a community-based partnership whose mission is to provide artistic, cultural, and educational programming, promote social justice, and empower youth of color, marginalized, and underserved communities through art, activism, music, and media.

Instagram: @SolCollective