EEC’s website has been changed by their staff members throughout the years. Ready for something different, the President of the firm reached out to us seeking web design and copyediting to better represent who they are as a firm as well as clearly show their expertise and services. EEC was looking for something engaging and image forward – something their previous static text-heavy website was lacking.


Having competitors is nothing new in business. This was the same for EEC. After reviewing websites of EEC’s competitors, most of the websites appeared to look very similar to appearance and information. How were we going to differentiate EEC’s website from their competitors?


To help make EEC’s website unique, we focused on photos depicting people; we opted for images that were more people-centric versus nature-centric. Paired classic fonts with modern fonts to showcase legibility with a classic feel. Opted for a symmetrical layout to compliment text and images to guide the user through the entirety of the website.

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