The Matsuda Family experienced the effects of autism first hand with the diagnosis of their son, Justin. As a way to build awareness of the disorder and to celebrate the triumphs and curiosity of their son. Join us as the family graciously welcomes you to follow their journey on how skateboarding will forever define love for their family.

By interviewing Justin’s parents, we were able to get a glimpse into how Justin’s diagnosis changed their perspectives on parenting techniques and witnessed their willingness to try new tactics to better understand the needs of their son.


We interviewed their family and took us back to the beginning where it all started and spent time with Justin as they shared with us what a day in a life is like with the Matsudas. The primary focus would be the story through the eyes of Pauline and Arnold tell their story and walk you through their process of discovering how skateboarding will change their family forever.


The final short documentary was produced and shared with friends and family. The Matsudas have been approached with featuring the film through several outlets as well as collaborative opportunities with the autism community.