From the humble beginnings of harnessing the powers of open-source media, Pivos has managed to transform the multimedia industry from a niche group of enthusiasts to a mainstream platform. Pivos has influenced development that has impacted the XBMC / KODI community to deliver it to a wider audience. As the brand recognition grows; identity and messaging becomes inherently popular.


Developing a global identity and refreshing branding of its signature product, XIOS, was the primary goal. Creating individual identities and collateral to speak in a cohesive media brand is key. A strategic reboot and rollout needed to be carefully planned and executed at just the right time to make the transition seamless as possible.

Identifying the purpose and target audience was pivotal as we researched competitors and their messaging. Finding the balance between developing an identity that is recognized by the industry, but unique is the priority that requires thought and collaboration with many stakeholders.


Branding starts from the top, the primary identity. We developed a new bold logo that was rounded, but kept a sharp presence. We must bear in mind that the logo will exist on various physical mediums such as products that would be legible under primary color silkscreens. A gradient was added to the digital version to utilize today’s high definitions screens as an accent to depth.

Once the branding was complete, we phased out the legacy logo in stages beginning with the newly designed website. Consolidating products and information was key in offering users an easy way to navigate and discover. Through analytics, we mapped menus and spaces targets towards specific pages such as ‘downloads’ which represented a large amount of the traffic.

The website provides a digital presence of information, we then pursued to add video content such as demos and shorts to increase awareness and provide direct support to end-users that request. Above is one of those videos.


Pivos continues to grow and the branding ecosystem continues to evolve. Active social media, forums, and community members continue to contribute and interact with the brand and product interfaces stemming from the identity that was developed. With the target audience set to media enthusiasts, they have and continue to become evangelists of the platform, sharing and recommending the product as a better alternative to cable.