Having worked with the organizers of “Launch” in 2007, we were approached to help promote, curate, and market TBD Fest. Being the largest music festival in Sacramento, we were beyond excited to build with the organizers as we are music and art fanatics ourselves.


Growth in followers, ticket sales, etc. are the byproduct of TBD Fest’s successful campaign to cultivate local artists, vendors, thinkers, and music lovers. In 2014, TBD Fest’s attendance reached over 15,000 people over the course of three days. This number shadows the 5,000 festival attendees in 2013.

As the numbers are expected to soar, one of the last things any event organizer would wish to be associated with are the terms: sell-outs, mainstream, or simply ones that have forgotten their roots. Early adopters are your die-hard fans and evangelists that are willing to go above and beyond to protect the cause and identity of TBD Fest.


Our approach was to fully understand TBD Fest, their partners, vendors, and their fans. In 2014, we participated in the production of TBD Fest 2014 through fashion show activations, marketing, and event production. Understanding process and culture is the priority and we believe that only through immersion will we be able to empathize with TBD Fest’s growth. Months before and after the event, we continued developing the vision and strategy for TBD Fest. We provided leadership training and infrastructure support.


TBD Fest’s purpose  –  to cultivate local artists, entrepreneurs, and game changers – has spread like wildfire. With other festival groups seeking to partner and grow the TBD Fest brand, our goal was to expand beyond our cities borders, but keep it decentralized and empower local ambassadors.