TEN brings together teachers, school leaders, students, and families to build community responsive schools and classroom cultures that lead to engagement and success. TEN is designed by nationally acclaimed teachers and education researchers to find, develop and share the qualities that make schools exceptionally effective in equitably serving their students and community.


TEN’s goal is to transform the education sphere into one that is more community responsive. TEN was seeking to raise their membership by having more schools join the movement and use the TEN platform. The organization needed a way to bring awareness to their community and beyond.


We developed an awareness video that explained TEN’s platform. The idea would be to explain the history, process, and value add for all stakeholders in schools. By sharing this video, the founders were able to quickly qualify schools and educators that have aligning goals with TEN. Saving the organization time and gaining awareness outside their community.

Bring TEN to your school and give your community a voice in how we educate our community.