Tour De Force is “spinning” an experience that will creatively fuse together pieces of our life to conserve time and energy while simultaneously exercising our bodies, minds, and joy. The desire for a healthy and creative lifestyle in Sacramento has been increasing nonstop. In our new endeavor, “SPIN,” we will spin wheels and records while spin cycles clean our lives.


This video was made in conjunction with an annual project hosted by the Downtown Sacramento Foundation where awards of up to $100,000 in startup costs and resources are awarded to the best ideas.

Part of the submission was creating video content for the proposal to explain the concept, purpose, and benefit to the community as a whole.

We filmed the concept with local supporters and locations where the studio may be placed to demonstrate the value of this idea.


TDF Spin was ultimately not awarded the grant, however the video itself sparked an idea that found itself a new home within the community. Through its supporters, the concept itself has transformed into popups with various event, yoga, and fitness groups.